Reology is our warranty that all of our work projects are made with an aditional quality certificate. We work to anticipate future problems is clarly justified with the necessity to reduce future aditional costs.

  • Gas leakying analyses
  • Critical areas analyses
  • Flowing material analyses
  • Functional plastic articles
  • Warpage and deformation studies
  • Material resistence studies
  • Technical cooling analyses and studies
  • Conventional or sequencial Filling analyses


The Cadmould 3D-F product family has been developed successfully for more than 25 years. Cadmould 3D-F uses the highly precise 3D-F method especially developed for injection molding simulation, making Cadmould 3D-F the superior simulation solution.

Cadmould 3D-F is a high-tech software product which is however, easy to use, very fast and precise. Our goal is to find technical solutions that supply our customers with reliable solutions during the development of complex plastics parts.

Performance Features

  • Generates geometry and mesh automatically
  • Uses the unique, patented Cadmould 3D-F framework method
  • Provides very high resolution in areas of high gradients (e.g. temperatures and shear velocities across the wall thickness)
  • Provides very exact simulation results in volumetric part areas and areas with discontinuous wall thicknesses



  • Cost and time reduction due to cycle time optimization by 10 to 30 %
  • Minimization of mold iterations after mold proving by 30 to 50 %
  • Development optimization due to sustainable decisions and frontloading

Benefits in the Work Process

  • Integrated CAD independent adaptation of wall thicknesses of molded parts
  • Very short simulation times
  • Highly accurate simulation results
  • Transfer of optimized geometries to the CAD software system for compensation of shrinkage and warpage
  • Measurement of part properties like dimensions, flatnesses etc. with integrated measurement devices
  • Modular design of the software for customized adaption to user requirements